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Tune in to inspiring and enlightening conversations between nationally acclaimed business expert (and a shoe lover and collector!), Jeanniey Walden, and female leaders from a wide array of industries.

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Nov 3, 2021
In this episode Jeanniey is talking to “Sole Sister” Tamara McClearly, Founder and CEO of Thulium and the Raising Star Cliffondra Brown, VP, Training and Customer Relations, Radnet.
Mar 8, 2021
The SteppingUp Show Presented by DailyPay, a new nationally distributed podcast and digital series, will launch this spring featuring the inspirational stories of women business leaders from an array of different industries.

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How could the Omicron variant impact the economy? Are there concerns it could impact employees wanting to work in person? Jeanniey Walden is the chief marketing officer at DailyPay. She shares her thoughts about the potential economic impact of the new variant.

TEDxGreekStWomen 2021 event, hosted by our Global CEO Sairah Ashman, united women and men from across the marketing, design, and business worlds, as we heard three brilliant female speakers talked about their own experiences in overcoming prejudice and their struggles for inclusion.